Maehongson’s Wastewater and Grease Trap Workshops

November 30, 2011

20111202_Maehongson Wastewater ActivitiesFrom the 14th to 29th November, Maehongson implemented its community training on wastewater treatment and grease trap installation.  As with the previous solid waste management workshops, the training was carried out on 6 separate occasions in 6 different communities with around 60 participants at each training and a day being spent in the community each time.  The purpose of the training was to enhance knowledge and understanding about household wastewater treatment and sanitation equipment installation as well as expand the household wastewater treatment network and raise awareness on both natural resources and environment management and the polluter pays principle.

Similarly to the solid waste management workshop, the training was conducted at the community level and focused on both practical demonstration as well as lectures.  Participants were lectured on the health benefits of correct wastewater management and sanitation as well as the relevant laws and regulations, before receiving practical demonstrations on grease trap installation, maintenance and care.  Finally the participants were asked to volunteer to be trainers in their communities and help spread the knowledge that they had learned to their neighbours to assist in city wide knowledge transfer.



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