Maehongson’s Solid Waste Management Workshops

November 3, 2011

20111104_Maehongson SWM ActivitiesFrom 25th October to 1st November 2011, Maehongson implemented its workshops on organic waste composting and waste segregation for the household and enterprises.  The training was conducted over 6 days in 6 different communities, with approximately 60 participants in each training.  One day was spent in each community.  The objectives of the training were to enhance knowledge and understanding about the waste segregation and waste utilisation; promote organic household composting through waste segregation and utilisation; expand the waste segregation network and raise public awareness on environmental management in general.

The workshop was composed of lectures, practical experience, brain storming solutions and a site visit.  It focused on enhancing knowledge and understanding with a focus on the benefits of waste segregation and composting.  In addition there with also lectures on waste management law and regulations.  The workshop also had a strong practical component with the participants being taken through practical exercises in waste separation and composting to ensure their understanding and also ability to compost correctly.  The trainers also ensured the local residents agreement and motivation through brain storming together to understand the local situation regarding waste management in the community.  Local households were also asked to apply to volunteer for the pilot learning center in the community and be a teacher to others in the community to facilitate knowledge transfer


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