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Introduction to the city

Mandalay is the historic and cultural centre of Myanmar.  The recent economic boom in Myanmar has brought attendant problems for the city in all aspects of environmental sustainability.  Recognising that all environmental problems originate in public behaviour, the city has embarked on a public awareness programme focusing on the youth of the city.  Under the ASEAN ESC Model Cities Programme Mandalay organised a large-scale public awareness campaign for sustainable SWM and 3R’s which included producing short documentary movies, printed PR materials, an original music production as well as organising a city-wide an essay competition.

City Vision

To keep the City Clean; To make the City Beautiful; To enable the City Dwellers to Enjoy the Pleasant Life

City news feed

Myanmar's Model Cities advance booming 3R's campaign into ground pilots

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Mandalay's Environmentally Sustainable City Study Tour in Kitakyushu, Japan

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